Vinyasa Yoga with Ollie

Tuesdays from 4:45 – 5:45 pm, and Saturdays at 8:00 – 9 am  

Ollie believes that yoga is for everyone, and every BODY. It is more than a work out, it is also a life style and a way to self-healing.Ollie’s Vinyasa yoga incorporates principles of alignment with power flows and bliss energy. 

All levels of ability are welcome. You can bring your own mat and equipment if you’d like, but know that we have everything you need for this class on site so you can just bring you – and maybe a friend.  

$15 single session, or $12 with a 5 or 10 class punch card

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Beginner Bellydance with Magdalene

Wednesdays at 7:30pm for 10 weeks, starting May 15 – July 17, 2024*(Please note that the class size is limited. For more information, and to sign up online, use the link below)

This class is for the dancer who would like to have fun and explore movement in a supportive environment.

It is an ideal class for someone who is looking for a slower pace with gentle guidance. All movements will be broken down and explained. You will walk away with a light understanding of rhythms, some movement families, and combinations to practice. New and seasoned students are welcome.  There is no experience necessary.  

* Registration and payment must be completed online to reserve your space at:

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Advanced Bellydance with Magdalene

Wednesdays at 6:30pm for 10 weeks, starting May 15 – July 17, 2024*(Please note that the class size is limited. For more information, and to sign up online, use the link below)

Get a deeper dive in this advanced beginner class. Heavy on the rhythms. The dancer will be introduced to rhythms popularly used across various places, genres, and time periods. We will connect hand and footwork to the rhythms for better phrasing and coordination – and have fun dancing together as we learn. This class is body positive and body supported while deeply appreciating and respecting this dance’s culture of origin.

* Registration and payment must be completed online to reserve your space at:

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Shine Dance Fitness with Diane

Tuesdays from 6 – 7pm, and Saturdays from 9:15 – 10:15 am

SHiNE™ is a dance fitness format that is getting global recognition for it’s simple yet effective choreography which is sure to make you sweat with a smile on your face. The choreography is rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop and is designed for all dance abilities. Routines are set to popular music that are repetitive enough for the beginner, while still challenging enough for the more seasoned dancer. It’s all about moving and grooving. Come to a SHiNE Dance Fitness class and find your inner dancer. It’s your time to SHiNE!

$15 single class or $12 with a 5 or 10 class punch card.

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Circle Dance with Daisy ~ Last class 5/15/24

Wednesdays at 10:30 am  *No Cost. Donation only.

Circle Dance includes traditional dances from many cultures and modern choreographies using similar steps to music from around the world. Dances are usually formed from a short pattern which is then repeated for the duration of the dance, giving the dancer the opportunity to sink into the music. In the latter part of the 20th century, Circle Dance found a home in Findhorn, Scotland where it blossomed and continued to spread, now being enjoyed world-wide. 

All dances are taught, no partner or experience needed.  Dances range from fast and joyous, to slow and meditative, and can be modified to accommodate anyone’s physical ability. All are welcome.

*No cost. Suggested donation of $10, but not necessary.

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Golden Ball Tai Chi

Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 am  *Free

Golden Ball Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice. This graceful form of exercise is used to reduce stress and modify a variety of other health conditions.  

Golden Ball Tai Chi has been offered in the Northeast Kingdom for greater than a decade, including Danville, St. Johnsbury and Lyndonville.

*Free offering – There is no cost for participation. 

For more information visit NEK Council on Aging Wellness Program at:

Pilates with Kristine – NEW Location!

Kristine moved into her new studio located at 347 Emerson Falls Road in St Johnsbury, VT in January 2024.

Kristine’s teaching style is grounded in classical Pilates, a system of more than 500 exercises developed by Mr. Joseph Pilates to bring the body back into balance. She also brings her knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, development movement and ideokinesis to each session. Through hands-on guidance Kristine creatively adapts to the diverse needs and learning styles of her clients to help each person “constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability” (Joseph Pilates, Return to Life through Contrology). The goal is to find better posture, a reconnection of your limbs into your body, a strong supple spine, improved breath capacity, restored vitality, an improved mind and an elevated spirit. You will leave each session feeling better than when you came in.

You can learn more about Centerpoint Pilates with Kristine by viewing her website at:

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We look forward to seeing you!

Payments should be made directly to the individual class instructor.

Kingdom Community Ballet – Registration advised. Please go to Kingdom Community Ballet website for greater detail:

Possible sliding scale discount rates available.  Please contact us to learn more at 626-4202 and leave a message, or email


Location and Directions

518 Main Street Lyndonville, Vermont 802.626.4202