With Melissa Bridges

$40 for the entire day 

Melissa is a student of the Green Mountain Druid School in Worcester, VT, and a student in the Vermont Master Naturalist Program. She embraces the mystery of life, and readily shares the joy of Forest Bathing, the creative energy of Soul Collage, and the meditative calm of reflection.  She is known for welcoming others to Meditative Movement with an open heart and soul. She inspires a sense of safety, acceptance and curiosity as she leads others toward exploration of the world around them, while also offering a path to glimpse the wonder within. She hopes that you will join her for a Day of Meditative Play.

Circle Drumming with Linda

Periodic Workshops – Please check back

This single day workshop will concentrate on the techniques specific to the conga drum, and also include some bell playing.  Participants will learn rhythms from Cuba, Haiti, Brazil and Africa, along with hearing a little about the history behind many rhythmic pieces. Your listening skills will sharpen as you learn to play as an ensemble. Using both hands in drumming has been shown to strengthen both sides of the brain and to help in unlocking and healing trauma. It’s also just a lot of fun to play rhythms and to get lost in the blending of musical tones. No experience necessary. (See Linda’s Waarnar’s bio under “Instructors” in the tool bar above)

Total cost: $20 ~ Conga drums provided, just bring yourself!

Please note that circle drumming may occur again in the future, either as a single event, or as a limited weekly workshop. Please keep checking back in. Thank you.

The Learning Kitchen. A program

of Hunger Free Vermont *

With all the fast food options and other marketing of edibles in today’s media, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine what foods are the best choices for our bodies. The Learning Kitchen is a series of 6 sessions that will focus on creating well balanced meals for yourself and your family, from nutritious affordable foods that promote strong bones and healthy weight. Each class contains a nutrition component and a cooking component. There may also be a field trip to a local grocery store. Recipe options will be provided that emphasize the use of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy products, and heart-healthy oils. Participants will be encouraged to try their new skills at home and to share their experiences with other members of the Learning Kitchen.

* Please note that this offering is on hold until the Kitchen is completed at the complex.  Once the Kitchen is ready, any future workshop dates will be determined by the number of participants. So, please call and share your interest for future attendance!

There is no cost. Donations accepted, but not expected. Any money received will go toward funding repeat Learning Kitchen series.


Location and Directions

518 Main Street Lyndonville, Vermont 802.626.4202