Our Instructors

Lori Koshowski

Lori teaches Step Aerobics 

Lori began teaching step aerobics in 1992 while living in Texas. She is excited to bring step aerobics back into the mainstream again. As a licensed nurse practitioner APRN she is vigilant in helping others toward a healthy lifestyle and finding the fun in working out. She also has advanced certification in yoga instruction and enjoys biking, hiking and spending time with her husband and their 2 beautiful Belgian Tervuren dogs.

(Lori has a passion for functional medicine and will be involved in the Learning Kitchen as that unfolds. Please review “workshops” for a greater description) 

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Linda Warnaar

Linda teaches Afro Caribbean Dance (see Classes) and Circle Drumming (see Workshops)

Linda has been studying Cuban and Haitian drumming, dance and song for 25 years and has been teaching for about 20. She’s had the chance to study with musicians in Cuba and with many teachers here in the United States. She is skilled at working with groups of people at all levels of ability, and teaches ensemble playing. Linda has gained experience by playing for Cuban and Haitian dance classes, and you may have seen her playing in many local bands on the trumpet, guitar, drum set, and conga. When Linda isn’t performing, she can often be found working in her garden.

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Anna Crytzer

Anna teaches Journey Dance monthly 

Anna was a childhood ballerina and aisle dancer at the local supermarket while her mom shopped!  She grew up to be a heart centered community organizer.  As a lifelong dancer and certified JourneyDance Guide, her practice is rooted in a love for the earth and the joy of growing and learning.  She taught as a classroom teacher for many years, has been an integral part of organizing a local homeschool coop and international exchange program, and created Coyote Kids (a nature mentoring program).  She is currently in year 3 of an intensive Energy Healing Program based on Brennan Healing Science.  Anna has studied several forms of dancing prior to JourneyDance and is excited about facilitating excellent dance experiences for others.  She loves to follow her passions, dress up, get silly, and court joy.  Most importantly she dances regularly for the purpose of self expression and exploration and has experienced the transformative and healing power of dance. 

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Madeleine Balcom, MA, RYT 500

Madeleine teaches Prana Vinyasa Yoga, and Rhythm/Flow Dance

A yogi since childhood, Madeleine began the formal study of yoga in 1999 and began teaching in 2004. Madeleine has been engaged in the healing dimensions of the spiritual world from a young age; attending large outdoor mediation retreats as a child and participating in a solo wilderness vision quest at age 17, as a few early examples. For the past 15 years Madeleine has been practicing Prana Vinyasa yoga, and for the past 6 years studying directly with Shiva Rae, founder of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. Prana Vinyasa Yoga draws on the wisdom of the Shakti (feminine) lineages that focus on the subtle body and energetic alignment. Prana Vinyasa classes are themed with the elements of nature and offer the full spectrum of yogic arts, engaging your body, breath, heart and mind. Registered with the Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 200 (teaching 1000+ class hours) and RYT 500 after recently completing a 300 TT and Soulful Wellness certification.  She also offers Rhythm & Flow – arising from dance, meditation and free form rhythmic movement. Madeleine’s teaching empowers students to learn practices they can do at home to cultivate their own wellbeing.

Madeleine is also a Rostered Psychotherapist in VT and offers private yoga coach internationally at https://www.mahayogacoach.com  

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“Where dance is an expression of love.”             ~ Jody Reed

Jody Reed

Jody teaches children’s Tap dancing/Baton twirling, and Adult Tap Dance

Jody has 32 years of experience teaching baton and a variety of dance classes, including tap, jazz, ballet, mommy & me, and adult dance. She started the North Country Dance Academy in Groveton, NH with 50 students in 1982. Less than 10 years later the program had expanded to 3 different NH towns and 345 students. Between 1990-2006 she picked up 3 more towns and was teaching full time 5 days a week, and preparing for many performances with the assistance of her family who have always been a large part of her dance academy career.  Other than a 6 year absence to take care of family, she has been devoted to her love of dance, baton and teaching.  Jody is a former member of Dance Educators of America, the National Baton Twirlers Association, and has been involved with Dance America/Dance Olympus workshops and competitions. She has been told by former students that she is responsible for instilling their love of dance, and proud that it has lead to working with a second generation of students. Her motto has always been, “Where dance is an expression of love”, learned from her own teacher “Miss Marlene” and now handed down to others. (Photo of Jody 2021, and 1982 performing)

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Lexi McCaughey

Lexi teaches Yoga for Relief

Lexi is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She is certified in Anusara yoga, an alignment-based Hatha yoga, having completed a 200 RYT training and apprenticeship with Andrea Thibaudeau and Heart Space Yoga. She has shared her practice, a powerful integrated breath body flow, in the NEK several years. She taught yoga at a running camp for athletes at Northern VT University with a focus on breaking down tension. She has partnered with local non-profits and offered a “Flow for Change” through H.O.P.E., Umbrella Inc., and the VT Food Bank. In this past year of isolation during COVID she offered free classes via Zoom, with a desire to “make sure it’s a practice that can reach everybody”, always welcoming and inclusive. Other passions for Lexi include snowboarding, biking, traveling, kayaking, camping, cooking, and advocating for those in and outside of the community.

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Diane Matthews

Diane teaches SHiNE Dance Fitness

Diane has a lifetime love of VT’s northeast Kingdom, the arts and humanities. She believes in nurturing the music within, and that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. When she isn’t busy with Creative Healing & Fitness, she works as a licensed nurse practitioner APRN and looks forward to time spent with her family, friends, and her lovable mutt Matilda.

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Lindsay Jantschek

Lindsay teaches Sound Bathing

Lindsay is dedicated to providing meditative sound baths and the healing benefits of vibrational sound to the NEK. She completed an accredited Sound Therapy and Sound Healing practitioner course through Soul Remember Retreats and is a member of the Sound Healers Association. Through her own journey, and in working with others, Lindsay has found that sound, movement and breath are the most direct vehicles for engaging with and healing the self. She believes that each of us are capable of facilitating deep, inner change through harnessing our own unique gifts and talents. She holds a master’s degree in psychology with specialties in alternative healing modalities, visual arts, gender diversity and addiction. She is a rostered psychotherapist in VT and previously a licensed massage therapist in FL.  She enjoys family time, kayaking, swimming, running, hiking, cross-country skiing and chasing her dog Luna. She also conducts Women’s Goddess Ceremonies for spiritual healing and loves photography.

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Tom Burgess

Tom teaches Yoga Healing, and Reiki Workshops. 

Tom is a true Renaissance man: A yoga teacher trained as an engineer, licensed and certified as a paramedic, ski patroller, arborist, Reiki Master teacher, and massage therapist. In his early adult life he studied mechanical engineering and joined the Air Force training to be a pilot, but was sidelined by a serious skiing injury that resulted in a change in career path. Tom is very at home in the mountains and outdoors. For 40 years he worked as a professional ski patroller in the winter, and cared for trees as an arborist in the summer licensed in NH, MA and CT. In 1992 he became a critical care paramedic, eventually working for the FDNY as a paramedic. Along the way he discovered Yoga to help keep his body flexible and to avoid potential injuries common in his professions. He studied directly under Swami Sri Satchidanada and Yogic Amrit Desai and completed a Hatha-Tantra yoga teacher certification, teaching privately for several years and at a local PT clinic. After the death of his beloved wife, Carolea, in 2017 from a 10 year battle with cancer, he faced his own health challenge stemming from a slipped disc in his back. 2 months after a spinal fusion operation he enrolled in a year long Reiki Master’s program for his own therapy and to help others. This led to massage training and licensure. During the great Covid shutdown, Tom moved to VT permanently to begin a new life with partner Grace and to continue sharing his holistic practice in the NEK.

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